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Jamaica’s Tourism

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Contrary to what some persons believe and contrary to travel advisory set by some countries, travelling to Jamaica is safe.

Yes, there's criminal activities as there are all around the world but vacationers are not coming to get involved in such. They are coming to have a good time by visiting attractions and doing activities.

Drivers and guides within the industry are versatile, knowledgeable and have the responsibility of ensuring their guests safety.

Most of this fear mongering comes from the large travel companies and hotels that want to monopolize the industry for themselves by telling visitors to "use our services for guaranteed safety."

Tourism is Jamaica's largest industry and the importance of protecting our interests lies with every Jamaican.

All local operators are trained, certified and licensed to operate within the sector. Background checks are one of the requirements.

Small operators like myself are struggling to put food on our tables in light of what these huge companies (with most been foreign owned) are doing to us in full view of the governing bodies.

Many celebrities vacation here; the Prime Minister of Canada has set his vacation plans for Jamaica in another few weeks.

We are a beautiful country with beautiful people and so much to offer.

Come and enjoy the ambiance and feel our warmth, and when you do, remember to support a small, local business. You help to put food on a family's table, send children to school and build our economy.



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